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CSS / Less

  1. Words in file names MUST be separated with hyphens (-).
  3. Selectors MUST be in hyphen case. (.button-blue).
  4. Selectors MUST be on a single line, with a space after the last selector, followed by an opening brace. A selector MUST end with a closing brace that is un-indented and on a separate line. A blank line MUST be placed between each block of selectors.
  5. There MUST only be one property:value pair per line.
  6. CSS blocks SHOULD adhere to the CSS Property Order.
  7. There MUST always be a space after a property's colon (e.g., display: block; and not display:block;).
  8. Property declaration lines MUST end with a semi-colon.
  9. For multiple, comma-separated selectors, each selector MUST be on its own line.
  10. Attribute selectors, like input[type="text"] MUST always wrap the attribute's value in double quotes, for consistency and safety.
  11. Attribute selectors MUST only be used where absolutely necessary (e.g., form controls) and MUST be avoided on custom components for performance and explicitness.
  12. Series of classes for a component MUST include a base class (e.g., .component) and use the base class as a prefix for modifier and sub-components (e.g., .component-lg).